About the Speaker

Joey Schewee

Joey Schewee has been a student of the Enneagram for more than 20 years. As an Enneagram mentor, she completed an intensive three-year apprenticeship with Suzanne Stabile (co-author of The Road Back To You) in 2006, and has taught in tandem with the Enneagram master for over a decade.

Whether she is teaching with Suzanne or on her own, as she has in professional and educational settings over the years, Joey brings a unique perspective to the podium. As an Enneagram ‘8’ who has been on the journey to self-discovery using the Enneagram since she was a teenager, Joey’s application of Enneagram wisdom flows through dating and marriage, raising children, and managing employees and work relationships through careers that span the corporate and educational realms. Joey honors the tradition of teaching through story-telling and enjoys engaging all audiences seeking to learn from this ancient wisdom.